Overview of associated parts of IEC 60825

The associated parts of IEC 60825 are intended for use in conjunction with the basic standard IEC 60825-1. Each part covers a defined scope and provides additional normative and informative guidance to enable the manufacturer and user to correctly classify and use the product in a safe manner by taking account of the particular conditions of use and competence/training of the operator/user. The information covered may include rationale, examples, clarification, methods, labelling, and any additional limits and requirements.

Table H.1: Overview of additional data in associated parts of IEC 60825

Type Description Product
Safety critical component supplier Test methods Hazard assess-ment Related standards
1 Standard Equipment classification, requirements and user's guide Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
2 Standard Safety of optical fibre communication systems (provides application notes and examples) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
3 Technical report Guidance for laser displays and shows No No Yes No No Yes  
4 Standard Laser guards (also addresses ability of high-power lasers to remove guard material) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
5 Technical report Manufacturer.s checklist for IEC 60825-1 (suitable for use in a safety report) Yes Yes No Yes No No  
6 Technical specification Safety of products with optical sources, exclusively used for visible information transmission to the human eye (includes indicating LEDs) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes  
7 Technical specification Safety of products emitting .infrared. optical radiation, exclusively used for wireless .free air. data transmission and surveillance (NOHD < 2,5 m) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes  
8 Technical report Guidelines for the safe use of medical laser equipment No No Yes No No No IEC 60601-2-22
9 Technical report Compilation of maximum permissible exposure to incoherent optical radiation (broadband sources) No No Yes No Yes Yes  
10 Technical report Laser safety application guidelines and explanatory notes Yes Yes No No Yes No ISO 13694
11 Technical report Safety of lasers and laser equipment used in an industrial materials processing environment Yes Yes No No No Yes ISO 11553

NOTE This table is intended to provide an indication of content. See text of the particular standard for complete requirements. Some parts listed above may be under discussion by working groups and may not be formally published.